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Bus Transportation

Student arrives at school and walks down the steps of a bus.

Marquardt District 15 works in conjunction with school personnel, the bus company First Student, and parents to provide safe and efficient transportation services. Marquardt School District 15 provides free bus transportation for students who live more than 1.5 miles from their school. This service is available at no cost to the students because the District receives partial reimbursement from the State of Illinois. School bus routes and stops are determined by the bus company and school personnel on the basis of safety, efficiency, and student ridership. Neighborhood bus stops are identified within a few blocks of student residences. Bus routes, stops, or times may be altered slightly during the school year as ridership changes. 


Students should be at their bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled pick up time to maintain a safe and timely arrival at school.

Further information on transportation may be obtained by contacting your school building administrator. 

If parent/guardian is experiencing difficulties with day to day route operations or concerns, please call. Contact First Student Transportation Services 630-469-1900


Keeping students safe is our top priority. Our Transportation Center staff facilitate a safe ride while students are on board, but we rely on our community to keep students safe throughout their entire journey to and from school.

MSD15 is pleased to offer an app through First Student which provides real-time tracking, so you can view your child's transportation system on one screen.

Bus Safety

To facilitate the safety of our students, bus safety expectations have been outlined in our MSD15 Parent-Student Handbook. It shall be the responsibility of the student and family to be familiar with and obey the regulations. Students are not permitted to ride a bus other than the bus to which they are assigned. Bus misconduct may also result in school disciplinary action. 

Our bus drivers are responsible for the students riding their buses just as teachers are responsible for the students in their classrooms. Students are responsible for obeying the driver at all times.