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Buildings and Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds Department is dedicated to providing a clean, safe, and appropriate environment to our students, parents, staff, and community. The District owns six properties and eight buildings. Overseeing custodial and maintenance staff, Buildings and Grounds is responsible for the overall physical condition of the buildings, the upkeep of our grounds, and the transport of inter-school mail and equipment and goods for the Departments of Technology, Food and Nutrition Services, and Instructional Services. 

Typically, the function of a buildings and grounds department is limited to maintenance, but Marquardt School District 15 is unique. We have talented staff members who design and build a wide range of items by hand, from movable shelving to bookshelves to desks, in addition to the normal day-to-day maintenance.  By designing and building what we can by hand, our learning environments last longer and are sturdier. The District is able to save funds both in the short and long-term, and consequently, can focus more of its money on teaching and learning.  

  • Building Operations
  • Grounds
  • Maintenance
  • Custodial
  • Security
  • HVAC
  • New Construction/Renovations/Repairs
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MSD15 has been working to modernize learning environments to expand programming and better meet the needs of our students. Below is a brief overview and graphic capturing this work. We are grateful to the Board of Education for their continued commitment to the children of our community and proud of the long-term planning that made these projects possible. Each project will make a positive, lasting impact our students, families, and staff.

  • The construction of early childhood expansions at Winnebago and Hall has allowed the District to double its preschool enrollment and transition to full day kindergarten for the first time in its history.

  • Expanded and renovated elementary playgrounds offer students and community a space to develop gross motor skills and build community.

  • Libraries and STREAM Labs at all 5 schools: Black Hawk, Hall, Reskin, Winnebago, and Marquardt Middle School have been updated and renovated to support collaboration and engagement.

  • Modernization of Marquardt Middle School almost 50 years after it was first built:

    • Phase 1 was the construction of the Performing Arts Center in 2016 which provides students authentic experiences and project and performance-based learning.

    • Phase 2, the renovation of the 7/8 grade center in 2022, made important health and life/safety updates and modernize the learning environment to engage students today and prepare them for productive citizenship tomorrow.

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