District 15 believes that technology plays a significant role in the educational process and can be used by the District to help accomplish its mission. All learners will achieve meaningful literacy with technology, allowing them to develop the thinking and lifelong learning skills necessary to be a contributing member of an evolving society. Learners will be literate, adaptive, and transformative users of information, allowing them to use differing technologies and information, adapt them for their own uses, and transform the information into their own new knowledge.



Structure of District 15’s Technology Plan

District 15 Technology Plan was renewed in the spring of 2009 for three years. The plan was approved by the state in June 2009.  The overall plan is focused on student achievement.


The plan covers the key areas of:

  • Community Involvement
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Professional Development
  • Technology Deployment


The renewed District 15 Technology Plan has pulled from the 2008-2009 District Improvement Plan to guide the areas of Curriculum and Instruction and Professional Development. The Community and Technology Deployment and Sustainability areas were developed by the data collected and subsequent analysis.