Get Involved

Marquardt School District 15

Welcome, and thank you for visiting this page! Getting involved in your child’s education is critical to his or her success in school. Children of families who are involved are more likely to do better in school make good choices, and have a positive attitude. They are also more likely to do well later in life.  Below are some ideas of ways you can help the child in your life have a great school year.


Keep track of events duringthe school year by checking the Announcements page on your school website weekly. Read the school newsletter and "Like" the Facebook page to receive weekly updates and photos. Talk to other parents to find out what programs and extracurriculars the school offers. 

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Get to know your child's teacher at back-to-school night, parent-teacher meetings, and parent nights. Celebrate your child by attending concerts, exhibitions, and awards or end-of-year events. Plan to attend events ahead of time by checking your school's calendar often.

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A group of parents meets regularly to support the school and students. These meetings give you a chance to talk with other parents, to work together to improve the school, and to voice your concerns for your child. The parent group also helps plan fun and educational activities for students.

  • Black Hawk Boosters

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  • MMS Parent Auxiliary

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  • Winnebago PTA


If your schedule allows, help out at your child’s school. You could chaperone a field trip, make food for an event, or help in your child’s class or the school library. Because the safety of students and staff is our top priority, all volunteers must be approved through the school office before they can begin volunteering.

If work or other commitments make it impossible to volunteer in the school, look for ways to help your child at home. Ask questions about school and read to your children. Provide them with a quiet place to read on their own or do their homework. Encourage and support them in every way you can, whenever you can---you are your child’s first and most important teacher. Thank you, parents, for all you do to love and support our students!