English Learner Program

marquardt school district 15

Marquardt School District 15's English Learner Program is designed to enable EL students to attain both English proficiency and parity with their non-EL peers in academic content at grade level. This is accomplished within a variety of effective program models.

program models

  • Transitional Program of Instruction (or TPI) is instruction for learners of various language backgrounds using differentiated language instruction adapted for EL’s of the core academic content.
  • Transitional Bilingual Program: Self-contained (TBE) is a self -contained classroom for bilingual students at Reskin and Black Hawk elementary schools.  Core academic content is taught in English and Spanish with the goal of English language proficiency.
  • Transitional Bilingual Program: Collaboration is a program where EL’s are placed in general education classrooms and receive push-in or pull-out services from a bilingual teacher. Intentional native language support is provided in small group settings.