The Board of Education, Administration, and the Marquardt Education Association have established the District Partnership Council. The District Partnership Council is comprised of key leaders from all District constituencies whose role is to incorporate the viewpoints of all partners in the educational process in facilitating positive system-wide change for student achievement.

The District Partnership Council will make shared decisions based on an educational model that:

  • provides an effective and successful education for all of our students;
  • imparts a sense of ownership for all partners; and
  • effectively uses District and community resources.

The District Partnership Council will also commit to:

  • facilitating open communication with and among the School Partnership Councils, and
  • serving as a model and resource for District 15 School Partnership Councils.

The School Partnership Council is comprised of key leaders in each District 15 school who are responsible for the development and deployment of the school improvement plan and monitoring progress of the school as a system.

Parents and community members who are interested in participating in the District Partnership Council or the School Partnership Council should contact Superintendent Dr. Loren May ( or the school administrator.


 2013-2014 SCHEDULE



September 23



January 13

March 3

April 21




Dinner begins at 5:00 p.m.

meeting FROM 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.