Bruce Barreras

Marquardt School District 15’s Board President Bruce Barreras has served as a board member since 2002 and as president since 2013. Barreras first got involved in the District when his son, Brad, started kindergarten at Hall Elementary School. His daughter, Vicki, also attended elementary and middle school in District 15.

Native to California, Barreras attended Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) as a child, where his appreciation for public education grew. Though Barreras is naturally
technically-minded—he has spent his life in the information technology industry---his experience in LAUSD allowed him to apply this skillset to study the trumpet. His early music education as a trumpet player influences Barreras to this day and inspired his recent study of classical guitar.

Barreras started his college career as a Business Administration major at the University of Southern California. He worked for Montgomery Ward to finance his post-secondary education and midway through his studies, he was offered an opportunity to join the newly formed Store Systems Division of the company in Chicago. This division would ultimately be responsible for implementing the first-ever back office business computer system at Montgomery Ward stores across the country. 

Though his academic studies were put on hold, Barreras’s early work experience jumpstarted a career in the information technology industry. Over the years, he has worked for Electronic Data Systems, Hewlett-Packard, ACS, and Xerox, and is currently a US IT Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers. In this executive role, Barreras leads teams that deliver technical infrastructure solutions and drive major enterprise change and transition initiatives for the Midwest. 

Not long after his move to Chicago, Barreras settled with his family in Glendale Heights, where he purchased his first home and has lived ever since. For Barreras, the most rewarding part of being President of the Board of Education is the opportunity to lead a diverse group of community members and educators. 

“To know that your life experiences and perspectives can add value to the educational community,” Barreras says, “has been a humbling experience for me.” 

When he is not working, running Board of Education meetings, or spending time with his family, Barerras enjoys cycling and supporting various causes, especially the American Diabetes Association and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Most recently, he went back to finish the degree he started at USC, and now holds a degree from Northwestern University’s Organization Behavior: Business Leadership Program.