**Free Books for MSD15 Parents Who Attend Tomorrow's GPS Early Childhood Event**

Good News About Bad Behavior at 9:30am & Why Don’t Kids Do What You Want at 7pm

**Free Books for MSD15 Parents Who Attend Tomorrow's Glenbard Parent Series Early Chlidhood Event**

If you attend the Early Childhood Glenbard Parent Series event tomorrow, September 26th at 9:30 am at the MSD15 Administration Center and are a MSD15 parent at Black Hawk Elementary SchoolHall Elementary SchoolMarquardt Middle SchoolReskin Elementary School, or Winnebago Elementary School...

You will receive one of Katherine Reynolds Lewis' bestselling book on parenting for FREE! Just be sure to sign in and fill out a "I'm a Proud Marquardt Parent! voucher (see below) when you arrive.

Event info below!

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