Expanding Early Childhood Program at MSD15

Marquardt School District 15 has invested in several construction projects over the past few years. Phase 1 of construction, the addition of a Performing Arts Center and STEAM labs at Marquardt Middle School, helped us to foster a dynamic, student-centered learning environment. Phase 2 of construction will allow us to expand the District's early childhood program, while also making other needed improvements to the physical learning environment at Hall and Winnebago.

Early education and intervention is a difference maker in a child's life. Studies show that children who attend preschool show an increase in college attendance, future earnings, and employment. For children with high needs and multiple risk factors, public early childhood education is even more critical. By educating more children earlier, students will be better prepared for kindergarten, and more likely to succeed throughout school and life. And, because the District secured cost-saving Qualified School Construction Bonds (QSCBs) in 2015, we are able to invest in our youngest learners without increasing the annual debt-service tax rate and putting undue financial burden on our community. 

At the start of the 2018-19 school year, the District is looking to add 120 students to its current early childhood program, which serves 80 students. The District intends to add 80 more students over the next several years to reach an enrollment capacity of 280 by 2024. MSD15 plans to partner with Metropolitan Family Services (MFS) of DuPage on the expansion of programming. In partnership with MFS, the District will:

  • Identify and serve children with especially high needs and multiple risk factors
  • Serve the geographic area covered by the District
  • Continue to provide a morning (2 hrs and 45 min) and afternoon session (2 hrs and 45 min) in each early childhood classroom
  • Run the early childhood program out of Hall and Winnebago 

Below are Frequently Asked Questions about the elementary construction and expanded early childhood program.