Announcing the 2016-17 Young Authors' Contest Winners!

Marquardt School District 15
Young Authors’ Contest Winners

Overall Winner: “Broken Lamp” by Estrella R. Pedroza, Black Hawk Elementary School

“Never Let Go” by Baneen Hussain, Charles G. Reskin
“The Friendly Ghost with Kids' Friends” and “Ghosts Friends” by Khloe Peterson, Winnebago 

First Grade
“Drawing Tips” by Michelle Kachikwu, Black Hawk
“Mid-Autumn Festival” by Zachary Nguyen, G. Stanley Hall
“Good Manners” by Aisha Mohiuddin, G. Stanley Hall
“The Carrot, the Couch, and the Crazy Potato” by Nya Javier (Illustrator), G. Stanley Hall
“My Sleepover at the Chicago Zoo” by Vincent Garces, Charles G. Reskin
“Awesome Sharks” by Michael Gramling, Winnebago
“The Birthday Trip to the American Girl Store” by Kayden Insidioso, Winnebago

Second Grade
“Lily the Cat's Special Day” by Ariel Huynh, author Anikka Aquino, illustrator, Black Hawk
“The Carrot, the Couch, and the Crazy Potato” by Jaiden Javier, G. Stanley Hall
“Emma the Girl that Loved Gymnastics” by Chloe Boerger, Charles G. Reskin
“Nate’s Laugh Out Loud Jokes” by Nathanael Romanovich, Charles G. Reskin
“Hurricanes” by Janet Lachhab, Winnebago
“The Ballet Competition” by Haley Pikul, Winnebago

Third Grade
“The Nature Chase” by Stephanie Kachikwu, Black Hawk
“Under the Sea” by Aamna Akhoon, G. Stanley Hall
“All About Cute Animals” by Hafsa Khan and Carla Gonzalez, Charles G. Reskin  School
“The First Day of School” by Natalie Jaca and Nancy Estanislao, Charles G. Reskin
“Hurricanes” by Alaa Lachhab, Winnebago
“All About our Furblings” by Lily Donati and Jenna Donati, Winnebago
“What if the Teacher Fell Asleep” by Brianna Gutierrez, Winnebago
“Young Darth Vader and the Sharknado” by Sydney DeBellis, Winnebago 

Fourth Grade
“The Orb” by Fernando Amezqua, Black Hawk
“Jane The Warrior” by Sara Vergara, G. Stanley Hall
“An Idea in One” by Madison Garces, Charles G. Reskin
“Eloise” by Stephanie Cao, Winnebago
“Swimming” by Trinity Weisgerber, Winnebago 

Fifth Grade
“I Don’t Understand…” by Donovan Metcalf, Charles G. Reskin
“All About the Tundra” by Chezia Conte, Winnebago